Specialty Dishes
D‘Tempat Country Club

AT d’Tempat Country Club at Bandar Sri Sendayan in Negri Sembilan, the patrons will be are offered with a wide spread of traditional and specialty dishes to tantalise the taste-buds during Ramadan.

This is for Tarbus themed buffet dinner promotion.

During the fasting month, there is a wide variety of dishes from up to 17 stalls to choose from. The dishes range from local Malaysian delights, to Oriental and Japanese cuisine.

Patrons can begin with tempting appetisers which include paru goreng rempah, sambal tempe bersira, hati ayam pedas, sambal kupang, kerabu ikan bilis, kerabu ayam, and acar buah.

These items can be complemented with sambal, tempoyak, budu, and cencaluk.

Furthermore, there are jeruk buah, rojak buah, and serunding ayam.

The themed buffet also has unique offerings of ostrich meat which can become part of a balanced diet and allows meat lovers the pleasure of daily meat consumption without the worry of excessive fat or raised cholesterol levels.

The characteristics and versatility of ostrich meat makes it the ideal choice when preparing light meals and great tasting nutritious lunches and dinners.

Patrons can also select local delights of Citarasa Malaysia which includerendang ayam, daging masak hitam, keli berlada, udang lemak rebungand sayur goreng jawa.

The savoury soups include Gearbox soup with Bengali bread and gulai kawah with cucur bawang.

The local favourite, chicken and beef satay with condiments are also available.

There are also the East Coast delights with nasi dagang and nasi kerabu and the condiments.

The richness of Indian-inspired cuisines cooked with herbs and spices are also featured in the line of items for the buffet spread.

It includes nasi biryani with acar, ayam masak merah, kurma kambing kentang, kari ikan tomato, sotong sambal and dalca sayur.

There are also grilled items which include whole lamb, chicken wings, fish, prawn and squids that are served with black pepper, barbecue, tamarind, and mint sauces.

The carving station includes chicken shawarma with condiments.

For mamak specialties, there are roti canai with chicken curry and dhall, chicken murtabak with condiment, char kway teow and mee goreng mamak.

As a truly multi-racial country, the buffet also features a spread from the Chinese Wok which include Chinese fried rice, sweet and sour crab, ginger beef with spring onion, chicken dried chili, nai pak oyster sauce and Japanese bean curd.

There are also oodles of noodles which include assam laksa and bee hoon sup utara with condiments.

For those wishing to try out Japanese cuisine, there are assorted sushi, garlic fried rice, teriyaki chicken and prawn tempura.

Moreover, the buffet has a goreng-goreng corner to feature banana and cempedak fritters as well as cucur udang.

For those with a sweet-tooth, there are Malay kuih, French pastries, assorted pudding and jelly, serawa durian with pulut lemak, bubur lambuk, dodol and bread butter pudding.

Patrons can also quench their thirst with a variety of drinks including bandung, sugar cane, cincau, orange juice, iced milo, soy milk, green guava, teh tarik and Nescafe tarik.

There are also Air Batu Campur and cendol as well as ice cream scoop with condiments.

On top of that, up to 10 types of local fruits according to season are also available.

Patrons can also bask in the sights and sounds of an upscale market place with a traditional Ghazal band playing harmoniously throughout the evening.

For your added convenience, a surau is made available for our Muslim guests.

The price for adults is RM65nett and RM33nett (children).

The buffet starts from May 30 until June 22.

For more information call 06-7922688 or visit www.dtempat.com



65.0 (NETT)    33.0 (KANAK-KANAK)
06-7922688 (NO.TELEFON)